You aren’t afraid of change – what could be and how things can be better. You explore new ideas or neglected areas, poke at them, question them, and turn them inside out.


If you’re not happy with something, you don’t sit around and wait for solutions to appear or for others to act on it. Knowing that if it’s the company’s problem, then it’s your problem too, and you take the lead in solving it. Whenever things don’t turn out as planned, you don’t waste time pointing fingers, because your focus is on finding solutions, not making more problems.


Whenever you disagree with another Tickler’s opinion or course of action, you think about it objectively and speak constructively.


You express thanks easily and often because you genuinely feel that you can’t achieve great things alone.

Radical Candour

You always give feedback that is kind, clear, specific, and sincere – to any Tickler, whether he/she is your superior or your subordinate.


You are realistic about plans set in motion in an industry as dynamic as the one we move in. You plan for contingencies, think on your feet, and act quickly and surely.


You get up each time you fall. Nothing stands in the way of your success not just because of your will, but also because you are incredibly resourceful.

Support the Family Unit

You believe in the power of family and do all that you can to strengthen it. Always.