Manila, November 13, 2019 — It was an afternoon of learning and insight as theAsianparent Philippines shared the latest results of the Digital Moms Survey, an annual study that examines the habits and behaviours of moms through over a thousand responses from the active users of theAsianparent app.

The program began with a keynote message from Ms Susana Tsui, CEO of Media as she shared the company’s remarkable growth journey showing throughout the past 10 years. She also shared how theAsianparent Philippines has grown to have 3.5 million unique views on its website and over 200,000 active users on the app, making it the #1 parenting platform in the country.

Following Ms. Susana Tsui’s keynote, Mr. Alex Cruz, App Marketing Manager of theAsianparent Philippines shared theAsianparent’s app features and how these have been instrumental is guiding Filipina moms in various life stages, from trying to conceive, to going through pregnancy to raising a young child. While developmental trackers help moms through each of their children’s milestones, the app also has features that range from education to entertainment, such as a media section with its very own rendition of the famous Baby Shark, and a Food & Nutrition section that guides moms on what is safe to eat when you’re pregnant or lactating. The app has a vibrant and active community of moms seeking questions and sharing experiences with one another.

Regional Head of Content, Ms Carla Perlas, shared this year’s Digital Moms Survey results. After gathering data from over a thousand respondents, theAsianparent Philippines shared valuable insights to brands, partner agencies, and the press about information on digital usage and purchasing behaviours of today’s Filipina mom.

To further provide more personal insights during the program, our host and moderator, Ms Dazzle Sy, facilitated a fun discussion with celebrity mom LJ Reyes, Candice Venturanza of theAsianparen Philippines, Bernadette Zulueta of Millennial Moms PH and MK Bertulfo of Filipina Homebased Moms who gamely answered several questions on parenting, their purchasing habits and how they acquire and share information online.

So, who’s the Filipino digital mom, according to theAsianparent Philippines?

1) She calls the shots as the Chief Household Officer (CHO) 
88% of survey respondents shared that they make the biggest purchasing decisions in their household, most especially when it is for the baby. One of the key drivers to making a product purchase is knowing the benefits and use of the product (55%).

2) “Wa-is” mom is also a digital-savvy mom
31% of our mom respondents shared that their screen time has increased by 4 hours after being a mom. Today’s digital-savvy mom also gets tips on parenting through social media and the top 3 apps that they use on a daily basis includes: Facebook (33%), theAsianparent app (31%) and Instagram (27%).

3) She continues to strive to be a better version of herself as a mom and a homemaker
Most of our respondents find themselves actively online past 9pm (28%) after putting the kids to bed. It’s during this time that she engages with fellow moms through the app’s community feature or on social media (33%).

4) Shopping for the digital Filipina mom is just a tap away
While our respondents still like shopping in physical stores (70%), they also love online shopping for diapers (48%), clothes (20%) and milk (15%) especially during baby fairs and big promotions.

5) She’s your everyday millennial mom
theAsianparent mom is a young mom in her twenties (64%). She is either pregnant with her first child or has one child who is 3 years old and below (63%). She’s a college graduate (65.2%) but has chosen to be a stay-at-home mom to take care of her family. Nonetheless, she keeps herself updated through social media and regularly communicates with her family and friends through different messaging apps (62%). Today’s Filipino mom is on top of her game when it comes to making the right decisions for her family. She knows where to seek the information that she needs and also willingly offers tips and advice when asked. As such, theAsianparent is the best medium to reach today’s digital mom and the right voice to use to influence her.