Insights help brand marketers effectively target mums

theAsianparent Insights department conducts market research to help brand marketers better understand mothers. We study topics including,

  • what influences their purchasing decisions;
  • concerns mums have about child rearing;
  • what they think about different brands.

With over 10 million monthly users, Insights taps on theAsianparent’s extensive network and expertise to deliver mum market research solutions to brands interested in this demographic.



Why mum Market Research Matters

According to a Harvard Business Review article, the majority of new product launches will fail. And the number 1 reason that they fail? Lack of preparation.

Mum market research allows companies to test products, hypotheses, and concepts with their target audience. Creating a data and insights backed strategy will allow brands to better prepare for product launches and market their product more effectively to the target user.

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