From rambutan to Rubik’s cube, chili flake to chihuahua, mooncake to mini keyboard… discover this new app feature making pregnancy tracking incredibly fun and insightful for mums- and dads-to-be.

Southeast Asia, August 2021theAsianparent, with a community of over 30 million monthly users across the region, announces the launch of Baby Size on theAsianparent app.

 The latest addition to its highly popular Pregnancy Tracker feature, Baby Size presents adorable illustrations of items in these categories alongside the approximate height and weight of a baby as it grows and develops week by week: Animals, Fruits & Vegetables, Kitchen Utensils, Fun Toys, For Dads, Music Lovers, and Sweets.

By comparing with items that we see everyday, more parents can immediately visualise how their baby has grown throughout the pregnancy

Comparisons Asian mums and dads can really connect with

 theAsianparent, from day one, has sought to provide relevant information to parents on this side of the world, in a virtual field of knowledge dominated by Western data, studies, and tips. Founder and Group CEO, Roshni Mahtani shares:

 “Potato, berries… these are apt references, but sweet potato, longan, lychee, even durian speak to our everyday experience. We’ve always used as many local references as we can, alongside growth standards that apply to Asian children. Accurate, relatable information is vital to mums as they monitor their baby’s development.”

Check out for more cute comparisons in the Baby Size feature in theAsianparent app!

Customisation—and fun!—for theAsianparent app users

While baby growth trackers would typically compare foetal size to a grape or melon, theAsianparent offers: Why not gula melaka, sushi, maracas, or even an air fryer? This is part of the team’s efforts to personalise user experience, making it that much richer. 

Khushboo Chouhan, Deputy Regional Head of App Content, shares: At theAsianparent, we’re constantly asking users for feedback to make our app the best companion for parents. A mum-to-be sharing that it would be fun to see something other than the typical fruits comparison for her growing baby was a lightbulb moment for the team. We took her feedback to heart and developed this wonderful new tool. We are ecstatic to finally launch it, and hope to hear even more from mums and dads on what they’d like to see on our app.

Pregnancy is an exciting experience for the whole family. Check out for more tips on theAsianparent app.

Learning joyfully, with the community

Bite-sized baby development information and pregnancy/preparation tips are part of the week-by-week learning experience for mums- and dads-to-be. They are also easily able to share Baby Size screenshots via Facebook, Instagram, or WhatsApp to their friends and family members who are eagerly anticipating their big hello to the little one.

theAsianparent app is available for download FREE via App Store and Google Play.

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