Singapore, 9 March 2021 – theAsianparent, the largest parenting community in SEA with over 30 million users monthly, announces the launch of its VIP Parents platform, enabling brands to engage directly with its most vocal and influential members.

Marketers can tap the current VIP Parents (VIPP) base of over 40,000 mums and dads to participate in surveys or polls; create original, meaningful content; review their products; attend brand events; and even bring them on board as official brand ambassadors.

“Messy homes, spit-up, tantrums, eyebags, bulges, scars… These are parts of motherhood we see every day but are rarely reflected in ad campaigns targeting the mum audience. Engagement begins with understanding. This was clear from our report on gaps between marketers and mums, 95% of the latter we surveyed saying that it’s vital for advertisers to know what being a mother is really like,” shares theAsianparent Founder and Group CEO, Roshni Mahtani Cheung.

“With VIP Parents, brands can get direct feedback from our parent community at their convenience—whether that’s a quick poll to gather first impressions on a new product or a massive survey that could help fine tune a local campaign. Enlisting our mums and dads, who are already talking about these brands anyway, to both amplify and ground their campaign messages, is that sought-after authenticity every digital marketer talks about.”

Since going online just 6 months ago, the VIPP community management platform has been used by over 100 brands to work directly with its highly engaged network of influential parents living in the region.

Danone spokesperson, Nicky Sebastian, shares that “VIP Parents is a conversation and engagement driven type of funnel that has helped us garner 300,000 likes and 60,000 comments working with 500 parents in our last campaign. During the campaigns with VIP Parents, we see a peak of brand mentions, which means digital users mention our brands more in social channels. This collaboration has driven the brand share above our competitors through authentic content.”

“In today’s digital world, influencer marketing has become an essential component in a brand’s

advertising strategy. With its growing popularity, there is also an increasing need to connect with target audiences in an authentic manner.

The key to influencer marketing is to create meaningful connections and conversations through individuals who are trusted in their communities. This is especially the case with products intended for children and families. Shopee’s priority has always been to cultivate trust and reliability between ourselves and the audiences we seek to connect with. As such, we chose to work with theAsianparent’s VIP Parents platform to help us better achieve this amongst the parenting community,” Tiger Wang, Head of Marketing, Shopee Singapore, added.

While it benefits brands, VIPP also provides theAsianparent community with opportunities for parents to learn and earn. The women-led VIPP team has a training programme for registered VIPP mums and dads, to help them increase and maximise their social capital. This empowers parents to earn some much appreciated extra income right from their homes.

29-year-old mother of 3, Nur Halimah, shares, “When my baby was born, I had no choice but to become a stay-home mother. Through the regular training and webinar sessions hosted by VIP Parents, I learnt how to create engaging content and build good working relationships with brands and partners. The flexibility has given me the opportunity to earn a little extra income on the side as I progress through my parenting journey.”

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