• Launched in July 2020 in Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines, followed by Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam in October 2020
  • Encourages other call-to-actions to reduce stillbirth risks

(Above) Screenshots of theAsianparent’s Kick Counter feature on its app

Singapore, 29 April 2021 – Project Sidekicks, theAsianparent’s Corporate Social Responsibility project, has reached more than 5 million baby kicks counted through its kick counter feature on its app platform. Titled ‘Project Sidekicks’ after the cause’s main driving points – counting baby kicks, sleeping on the side and no smoking – the cause aims to reduce stillbirth rates in the Southeast Asia region by 10% over the next 3 years. 

Research on keeping track of a baby’s movement has shown to reduce stillbirth risks. One such example is the Scottish Patient Safety Programme’s Maternity and Children Quality Improvement Collaborative. Process measures designed around fetal growth, fetal movement and fetal monitoring have supported an aggregated reduction in stillbirth in Scotland of 22.5% since 20131.


(Above) theAsianparent recently launched an Apple Watch version of its Kick Counter feature to increase the convenience of monitoring baby kicks


“We were careful in selecting call-to-actions that are scientifically-backed. Concurrently, we had to take into consideration the socio economic landscape of the Southeast Asia region to ensure that Project Sidekicks’ key call-to-actions are inclusive and accessible to the masses. Even with its Southeast Asia focus, it’s encouraging to see kick counts from the United States, Australia and United Arab Emirates,” said Roshni Mahtani Cheung, Founder & Group CEO of theAsianparent Group.

In addition to espousing these call-to-actions, theAsianparent has built localised content hubs across the region focused on supporting parents through loss. Together with other Project Sidekicks supporters, content and webinars have been launched to related topics such as tips for having a healthy pregnancy and trying for another child after loss. Supporters include Mama’s Choice (Singapore), Speedoc (Singapore), Sunway Medical (Malaysia), ABS-CBN (Philippines), Ladprao Hospital (Thailand) and RS Bunda Citra Ananda (Indonesia).

According to the World Health Organisation (“WHO”), approximately 2.6 million stillbirths occurred globally in 2015, of which half of these babies were still alive when wheeled into the delivery room2. Majority of stillbirths are actually preventable1. More than 100,000 stillbirths occur yearly in Southeast Asia based on the stillbirth rates published by WHO3 and fertility rates published by the United Nations4.

Project Sidekicks continues on its mission to help more parents reduce the risk of stillbirth. To do so, it needs all the support it can get to raise awareness throughout the region. If you are interested to contribute to the cause individually or through your organisation, please email [email protected] or go to www.project-sidekicks.com