Plus-size. Trans. Androgyny. Ombre. Not words you’d usually associate with Asian fashion but millennials around the region beg to differ. Fashion is a mirror of society and times are changing.

Just-launched beauty and fashion portal doubles as a social commentary, as it explores the interplay of Asian music, art, entertainment, culture, and style TODAY.

Tapping into the soundtrack of this generation – from pop songs to underground hits, street art, viral videos, podcasts, even hashtags for inspiration, HSA is out to shatter myths and shine the spotlight on taboos, with the ultimate goal of empowering young Asian women.

In the sea of OOTDs, HSA asks women across the region to embrace their own brand of self-expression.


HerStyleAsia hosts content that goes beyond non-judgmental to celebrating imperfections. Where else can you find features on the 10 most gorgeous transwomen in Thailand and female tattoo artists in Asia?

Because the irony in the age of filters is that what we’re dying to talk about is what’s REAL. Real concerns, [‘How often should I wash my bra?’ Here’s the dirty truth!], real issues, [How female DJs in Singapore fought sexist stereotyping], real stories [Pinoy makeup artists changing the world of beauty].

Doing away with that one perfect Barbie look, HSA has something for every woman, interest, and lifestyle.

The basics will of course be covered [Finding the perfect nude for your Asian skin tone; How to clean every type of shoe in your closet], but HSA can’t wait to let you in on forest bathing, power buns, green fashion, horse oil, vegan makeup, Hijabi trends, K-beauty cloudless skin, and so much more.


It’s an amazing time for Asian millennial women, and Asian millennial women are doing amazing things. That’s why the first feature highlight of HerStyleAsia is its 30 under 30 list.

From a pioneer in luxury halal cosmetics in Asia to a jiu-jitsu champion who teaches underprivileged girls self-defense, plus-size models, and the founder and CEO of a green marketplace for tech in Indonesia, these #girlbosses will stun you with their success and yet unrelenting drive.

“It’s an honour to be acknowledged as part of Her Style Asia’s Prestigious 30 Under 30. I am grateful for the platform to spread the concept of conscious entrepreneurship, creative artisanal baking and vegan lifestyle to young women all over South East Asia. I believe that as women, we need to take risks, push the boundaries and be conscious of the limiting beliefs that might be holding us back from our truest potential. We are solely responsible for our own lives, and we need to live our lives sure-footed and with purpose.”

Talita Setyadi, Managing Director & Pastry Chef, BEAU, Indonesia


“There is a gaping hole in credible, relatable & refreshing content in Southeast Asia around Fashion, Art & Music. Young Asian women across markets & cultures want to stay in touch with popular culture & HerStyleAsia will definitely become their go to destination. It brings in global & local context around topics that matter to the women of today. The community appeal adds to the stickiness for audiences & take it to another dimension. We are thrilled to be launch partners of one of the most exciting digital destinations for women in Asia & am sure our brands will benefit from the width & depth of content & community.”

Sanchit Sanga, Chief Digital Officer, Mindshare – APAC & MENA

At HerStyleAsia, we encourage you to explore the uncharted and look at things differently,” says Deepshikha Punj, HSA Head of Content [watch her editorial note HERE]. “HerStyleAsia is about putting words behind the power of women: we are young, woke, and our stories are here to make noise,” adds Sabrena Jefri, HSA Head of Content for Culture.

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