(Above) Jatin Detwani with Susana Tsui, CEO of Media

SINGAPORE, 22 October 2019 – Reaching nearly 30 million users monthly, theAsianparent —  Southeast Asia’s largest platform for mums — today announced former Rocket Internet JV Asia Pacific CFO, Jatin Detwani, has joined theAsianparent to lead its Corporate Finance, Commercial and Strategy function. This appointment follows theAsianparent’s other recent senior hire of former Dentsu Aegis Network (DAN) China CEO Susana Tsui as CEO of Media last month.

Jatin brings to the team more than 15 years of global experience through working directly with technology companies – having founded and led many reputable start-ups. Prior to joining theAsianparent, Jatin was the former Asia Pacific Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Rocket Internet JV, where he managed over 15 businesses in the Asia Pacific region, and Chief Financial Officer of GEM Eduventures in London – the investment arm of GEMS Education group investing in funds and technology start-ups globally. 

Jatin also had stints that developed his acumen for commercial strategy, investment, corporate finance and strategy development at companies like Ernst & Young and Accenture Management Consulting. Notably, Jatin has been named Asia’s Greatest Chief Financial Officer (CFO) by a leading publication. In his new role at theAsianparent, Jatin will implement and drive new strategic, commercial and tech initiatives to propel the business towards US$100 million revenue within the next few years, which includes financial improvements, transformation and implementation of various technology and product related strategies for the company. 

“Having founded and led start-ups, the tech start-up space is familiar ground where I have gained and learnt from. I am thrilled to be part of a team as driven as theAsianparent’s and look forward to contributing to the growth of the business,” said Jatin about joining theAsianparent. 

“We are delighted to welcome Jatin, who comes on board at an exciting time where we are expanding into new markets. We believe his appointment will help us strengthen our position in the industry and make better investments into our future,” said Roshni Mahtani, Founder and Group CEO, theAsianparent. 

“I am also very proud of the fact that theAsianparent is able to attract top talent, which speaks volumes in demonstrating how formidable theAsianparent has become in just a decade,” added Roshni.

theAsianParent has grown from a parenting blog into a multinational content platform and social network, with over 200 employees spread across 12 countries. theAsianparent continues its rhythmic progression to create new milestones in 2019. In July this year, the company closed an oversubscribed series C funding round, backed by Chinese giants including Fosun and JD.com.

Internet vulnerabilities are rampant. The extent of the dangers in the digital space are often overlooked as more people and organizations are getting connected to the digital world daily. Sometimes, this ignorance wrecks havoc. There are very few organizations that believe in facilitating a secured digital space. GDI Foundation is one of them.

 GDI is a Non-Profit Organization based in The Hague, Netherland. The thing that differentiates GDI is that it has volunteers all around the world. In the past three years since the day GDI was founded in 2016, GDI has reported thousands of vulnerabilities. GDI believes in providing its services all over the world and helping people in securing their digital information. From Project 365 till date, GDI has received several recognitions. Some of the recent notable GDI disclosures include

  • Facebook Disclosure:


  • China Breed Ready Disclosure:


 According to an Internet Security Threat Report by Symantec released in February 2019 announced some startling details, such as 

  •     1 in 10 URLS are malicious;
  •     A 56% increase in Web attacks;
  •     A 78% increase in supply chain attacks (cyber-attacks that seek to damage an organization by targeting less-secure elements in the supply network); and
  •     A 25% increase in the number of attack groups using destructive malware.

 As the threat of attack groups continues to increase, companies have to remain vigilant to ensure that they don’t succumb to any attacks. Fortunately, the internet community has vigilantes such as GDI who are always on the lookout to safeguard its interest. GDI’s approach in an open and democratic digital world sees its members being allowed to make decisions, do things responsibly and help companies to patch vulnerabilities. Essentially, GDI detects and analyses high risk “criminal” opportunities, shares the risk and vulnerabilities with everybody, informs the ones who are at risk and gives free advice about a solution.

GDI researcher Sanyam reached out to the ParentTown (PT) team early this month to notify us about an exposed port issue. PT is Southeast Asia’s largest parenting community that reaches more than 25 million users monthly. The platform facilitates services such as asking questions and receiving answers from doctors and fellow parents. There’s even an option to go anonymous or tag your post as NSFW. Among other features is a pregnancy tracker, which tracks a pregnancy daily all the way to the birth of the baby. PT also offers access to hundreds of original baby and child audio, video and storybooks.

With the prompt response of our IT team, the port was sealed before any information was exposed on public domain. Additionally, PT has done a thorough check on its entire IT infrastructure system to ensure that there are no other vulnerabilities in-place and hired a reputable company to carry out infrastructure penetration tests.

“We would like to thank the Sanyam and GDI team for the work they have done to make the Internet a safer place and greatly appreciate their notification. Even though we keep our systems updated and secured, this serves as a good reminder that we need to constantly be on the ball for the best interests of our users,” said Alvin De Cruz, Head of Engineering, PT. 

On this incident, Victor Gevers, Chairman of GDI, commented, “There are easily more than 36 million internet vulnerabilities at the present moment and such issues are present in all companies. With ParentTown’s swift response following our notification, user information has been protected and secured. We hope to assist more companies in preventing attack groups from exploiting vulnerabilities and preying on the internet community.”

As told by Sanyam, a GDI member and an independent researcher, the current initiative is to involve more volunteers from all around the world to help researchers in disclosing vulnerabilities, in turn providing volunteers a platform to receive global recognition for their work. The criteria to join GDI is simply one’s skill and passion.




Some results from Malaysia’s Digital Mum Behavior Survey 2019

Even though theAsianparent already has a strong community in Malaysia, an official launch was held to introduce theAsianparent Malaysia App and team to brands, media and the community.

Brands that attended our launch event include Shopback, Natugee, The Manja Co, Sunway Medical Centre Velocity, MyLovelyBaby, MeBooksAsia, Photobook Malaysia, Telum Media, In Trend, Oh Bulan, Sirap Limau, Makchic, Harian Metro, Backstage Media, HMI, Jelita, NSTP, Beiersdorf (Nivea Baby), Innity, WIRED, B&G Baby & Maternity Distribution Sdn Bhd, Mutant Communications, Mad Hat, Tish Events, Xcess Communications and EA Creative among others.

During the launch, we also presented our findings on the Malaysia Digital Mum Behavior Survey 2019 and had a live discussion through a moderated panel. Through the survey, brands now have more valuable insights to the mum community in Malaysia. Reach out to our Malaysia team for more brand solutions and insights!

Singapore, 5 September 2019 – theAsianparent, Southeast Asia’s largest platform for parents with a monthly network reach of more than 25 million users, announced that Ms. Susana Tsui (“Ms. Tsui”) will join its senior leadership team as the new CEO of Media. This appointment comes after theAsianparent’s recent announcement on its market expansion plans and entrance into the e-commerce market, following its latest 8-figure Series C funding round led by Chinese tech giants Fosun and JD.com.    

Ms. Tsui has held various notable appointments in the Marketing and Advertising industry, including Asia Pacific CEO of PHD and Asia Pacific COO of OgilvyOne. Prior to joining theAsianparent, she was the Group CEO of Dentsu Aegis Network China (DAN), managing over 22 agency brands across 5 cities in the country.

On her new appointment, Ms Tsui said, “I am excited to join theAsianparent as its new CEO of Media and work alongside a passionate and ambitious team that values innovation and transformation. I look forward to bringing new ideas and further building innovative offerings that complement the current business to service our users.  It is a very interesting and exciting time in our industry, and I’m thrilled to be a part of this exhilarating journey as the theAsianparent continues to grow in strength, expand into new markets, and evolve its product to reach new milestones in the years to come.”

With her strong experience in the advertising, marketing and adtech industries, Ms. Tsui has been tasked with strengthening theAsianparent brand across mature and new markets. As CEO of Media, she will also helm theAsianparent’s content, community and media platforms, including theAsianparent website and community app that is currently still the number one parenting app in Southeast Asia since its September 2018 launch.      

“We are very pleased to welcome Susana to theAsianparent family, who brings with her strong leadership skills and expertise in transformational growth. With our new strategic Series C investors onboard, we are focused on growing theAsianparent to a whole new level. This entails building a robust team with diversified expertise and experiences, as well as improving our offerings to parents and clients. Ultimately, we want to cement our position as the go-to platform for all parents and parents-to-be in South East Asia and beyond,” said Roshni Mahtani, Founder and Group CEO of theAsianparent, on the latest addition to theAsianparent management team.    

Over 1000 mums were surveyed last November 2018 and February 2019 for the latest Philippine Digital Mum Report. Here’s what you need to know about Filpina Digital Mums:

They are the undisputed Queens of the Household.

So far the highest percentage we’ve seen across our recent surveys in the region, 99% of  Filipina mums say that they have the final say at home.

And we’ve got the Filipina Digital Mum’s ear.

For parenting help, Filipina mums turn to parenting sites, of which theAsianparent PH now proudly takes the #1 spot locally. They are also very active on the TAP Commmunity app and social media groups created and run by TAP. 

As she becomes increasingly mobile. 

When this survey was done in the Philippines in 2015, the split was 86% Mobile to 14% Desktop. The latest results come as no surprise with Filipinos being the world’s heaviest users of the Internet at 10.02 hours/day (vs. the global average of 6.42). ¹

2 out of 3 mums surveyed indicated that their Internet consumption increased after becoming mums. About 20% of the respondents said that their usage increased by more than 4 hours/day! Over half go online after 7pm; while some (15%), particularly housewives, tend to do so before lunch, between 9-12nn.

4 out of 5 mums in the Philippines shop online.

With 46% of the respondents indicating that they used the Internet more after becoming a mum, online shopping is perhaps one of the areas that saw a boost. The savvy mum, who likes catching deals online, shops primarily for baby/child products.  

That said, they still prefer to buy baby items at brick-and-mortar stores, with majority saying that they purchase milk and diapers at supermarkets, and children’s clothing and toiletries at department stores.

¹ Kemp, S. “Digital 2019: Global Digital Yearbook”. we are social, Hootsuite™. 30 Jan 2019.

Last September 2018, theAsianparent surveyed over 300 mums for the 2018 Singapore Digital Mum Report. Here’s what you need to know about the Singaporean Digital Mum:

She may be older than you imagine.

78% of respondents were aged 31-45 years old; compared to, say, Thailand, which showed 49% for the same age group. This means a more mature audience and more disposable income, which is important to note for the next key point:

And she’s very, very mobile. 

Over a third of the respondents said that after becoming a mum, Internet use increased by 1-4 hours per day. Over half shared that they used their mobile phone for four or more hours daily. 16% actually used their phone for over eight hours! 

By the way, iPhone is the most popular smartphone brand according to this survey, followed by Samsung, Huawei, and Oppo. 

Q: How do you get her ATTENTION? 

A: Via SOCIAL MEDIA (but EMAIL still works, too)

99% have at least one social media account, and over 60% spend upwards of six hours weekly on Facebook or Instagram.  

Of the things she does online, Social Media takes the top spot at 88%, followed by Email at 75%. 

Q: How do you ENGAGE her?


“Baby/Toddler Development” is the #1 topic she reads online, followed by “Education,” with “Health and Nutrition” coming in third. All of these are covered in parenting sites, which they frequently visit, making it the fourth most popular activity online at 67%.

Of what she watches online, content on Parenting and Children comes first, followed by Food, then Drama/Sitcoms. 

Q: How do you get her AS A CUSTOMER?


92% of respondents said they shopped online; 64% did it multiple times per month. Here are some of her purchasing habits/preferences:

What brands also need to know is that word of mouth is now also online.

The top reasons she follows brands on social media are: 1) for updates on products/offerings, 2) for discounts/coupons, and 3) to endorse brands to other mums

Note that getting in touch with fellow mums is another of her favorite online activities, with 33% communicating digitally multiple times a day. Whatsapp (97%) and FB Messenger (78%) are the preferred messaging apps.

October 2018 — Tickled Media, the media tech company behind theAsianparent , AsianMoneyGuide , and the recently launched HerStyleAsia , has been serving up some grade-A content & community platforms for Asian women… and the audience is hungry for more.

Presenting the latest Tickled Media creation: NONILO .



Aiming to jumpstart the creative spark in every Asian woman, Nonilo knows that home is the only place in the world she’s truly free to be herself and to experiment. It’s where she kicks off her heels, ties her hair up in a messy bun, and gets started on whatever makes her – and her alone – happy for that moment.

So what’s cooking on NONILO.com ?

Primarily focusing on FOOD and HOME, NONILO covers topics such as: recipes (of course! but goes beyond to give its readers…), pantry staples, cooking techniques, kitchen equipment, food news/reviews, restaurant guides, interior design pegs, furniture & home accessories ideas, gardening, organising, and even feng shui !

But as anyone with an interest in Pinterest will tell you, we never truly outgrow our love for arts & crafts (that began with our first box of crayons!) NONILO hosts its fair share of content on DIY & upcycling projects, fixer-upper guides, and a super useful hardware stores & supplies listing.

Can’t wait? Here’s a little taste:

Nonilo will be kicking off with The 1,001 Project – over a thousand ways to unleash one’s creative spirit at home (bento lunches, anyone? Oooh, how about an indoor herb garden?) Readers are also sure to love 23 Uniquely Asian tea brews to soothe and satisfy you and the NONILO tour of events and festivities around the region: from The Great Food Festival in Singapore to the Bangkok Furniture Fair; Halloween, mid-autumn festival, and Hindu festivals Navratri and Dussehra.


“Tickled Media has covered so many aspects of the modern Asian woman’s life – her family & relationships with theAsianparent, career & personal finance with Asian Money Guide, and fashion/beauty + culture/entertainment with HerStyleAsia. Here’s where she finally gets to take a breath; and with her pocket of me-time, indulge her passions. She may fumble with her DIY projects, overcook or absolutely ace the first fusion dish she tries, spend too much time on every detail of her brunch party… but it’s all going to be so much fun for her. And NONILO enabling that is just the reason why we put so much love into this project,” shares Nikki De Guzman, Director for NONILO.com.

“ theAsianparent’s core community of highly engaged young parents is an invaluable trove of insights for brands looking to engage with them. Managing food, home and DIY, are the areas of deepest engagement, that can help build even stronger connections with this community. Extending the platform into this territory with Nonilo is an attractive new proposition for brands to explore, and we wish them all the success with it,” says Ashutosh Srivastava, Chairman and CEO Mindshare Asia, Middle East and Africa.

Go on and treat yourself to a heavenly slice of NONILO.com , or email [email protected] for more yummy details.


Notes to the Editor:

About Tickled Media:

Tickled Media is the media tech company behind theAsianparent.com, AsianMoneyGuide.com, and HerStyleAsia.com. It reaches over 12 million women monthly across SEA via its content and community platforms. To brand partners, Tickled Media offers market research, content creation, KOL collaboration, video production, display advertising, social media + email marketing, e-commerce activations, and on-ground events. For more information, please visit: www.tickledmedia.com


NONILO is an Asian food and home content and community platform that aims to jumpstart the creative spirit in every woman. Its vision is to help every woman trigger that do-it-yourself attitude for the various aspects and needs in her life—so she can make it great, make it hers, and so she can overall, make it. Whether it’s about decorating or creating some home improvements, making delicious and healthier meals, or creating lifestyle design or redesign, NONILO aims to inspire, empower and enable the NONILO woman to be creative, resourceful, and self-sufficient through useful tips, insightful advice, and clever ideas made simple. Jumpstarting your creative starts at ​www.nonilo.com

August, 2018 – Almost a year to date, Adrian Watkins signed on as Head of Data and Strategy at Tickled Media. Today, he makes history as the first Chief Strategy Officer of the company.

In this new role, he works alongside Tickled Media Founder and CEO Roshni Mahtani to help develop, communicate, execute, and sustain strategic initiatives ranging from commercial positioning through to wider business rationale.

“At a time when tech and media are evolving at breakneck speed, we need someone to help usher Tickled into a new era of insight-led innovation. We’re looking no further than Adrian, who has done remarkable things for our campaign delivery process, smoothed out so many operational hiccups, and brought in streams of new revenue,” says Tickled Media Founder and CEO Roshni Mahtani of the appointment.

Over the past 12 months, he has led the team in implementing changes in first party data collection and analytics, a move that has positively impacted Tickled Media: increasing readership by 18%, pageviews by 30%, and boosting website engagement with session time up by 23% and bounce rate down by 38% (all year-on-year). These initiatives have also improved campaign delivery, ultimately increasing revenue by 45% YOY, on track to double that of 2017. Alongside performance improvements, Watkins has also focused on the development of higher margin parallel income streams for the company, such as innovative display solutions and automated revenue.

Both Tickled Media and the wider industry stand to benefit from this appointment, given Watkins’ client focus + data mastery. Sachin Pagey, Director of Strategy and Marketing Services at Mega Lifesciences, weighs in:

“Adrian’s promotion to Chief Strategy Officer is a great move for Tickled Media, and one that Mega We Care fully endorses. I’ve worked very closely with Adrian over the last year for the launch of Baby Natura, our plant-based whole food, in the region. The depth of insight, energy and enthusiasm he’s brought to our long-term partnership is much welcome. We look forward to enhancing this relationship with theAsianparent even further as we launch our new products and move into more markets in 2019. With Adrian’s promotion to CSO, the long-term outlook for Tickled Media is undoubtedly positive!”

Adrian Watkins has 20 years of experience across media, commercial, content, sales, marketing, data, MADtech, and digital transformation within brands, publishers, and agencies. He was the Founder and Managing Director of data, tech, and marketing consultancy firm PerformanceAsia, and was previously a Board member of the Asia Content Marketing Association (ACMA). He also has a proven corporate track record within world class organisations such as Virgin, News Corporation, and CBS, leading initiatives in business development, company acquisition, monetising existing and new territories, and building and managing commercial and content teams in multiple countries.

Plus-size. Trans. Androgyny. Ombre. Not words you’d usually associate with Asian fashion but millennials around the region beg to differ. Fashion is a mirror of society and times are changing.

Just-launched beauty and fashion portal HerStyleAsia.com doubles as a social commentary, as it explores the interplay of Asian music, art, entertainment, culture, and style TODAY.

Tapping into the soundtrack of this generation – from pop songs to underground hits, street art, viral videos, podcasts, even hashtags for inspiration, HSA is out to shatter myths and shine the spotlight on taboos, with the ultimate goal of empowering young Asian women.

In the sea of OOTDs, HSA asks women across the region to embrace their own brand of self-expression.


HerStyleAsia hosts content that goes beyond non-judgmental to celebrating imperfections. Where else can you find features on the 10 most gorgeous transwomen in Thailand and female tattoo artists in Asia?

Because the irony in the age of filters is that what we’re dying to talk about is what’s REAL. Real concerns, [‘How often should I wash my bra?’ Here’s the dirty truth!], real issues, [How female DJs in Singapore fought sexist stereotyping], real stories [Pinoy makeup artists changing the world of beauty].

Doing away with that one perfect Barbie look, HSA has something for every woman, interest, and lifestyle.

The basics will of course be covered [Finding the perfect nude for your Asian skin tone; How to clean every type of shoe in your closet], but HSA can’t wait to let you in on forest bathing, power buns, green fashion, horse oil, vegan makeup, Hijabi trends, K-beauty cloudless skin, and so much more.


It’s an amazing time for Asian millennial women, and Asian millennial women are doing amazing things. That’s why the first feature highlight of HerStyleAsia is its 30 under 30 list.

From a pioneer in luxury halal cosmetics in Asia to a jiu-jitsu champion who teaches underprivileged girls self-defense, plus-size models, and the founder and CEO of a green marketplace for tech in Indonesia, these #girlbosses will stun you with their success and yet unrelenting drive.

“It’s an honour to be acknowledged as part of Her Style Asia’s Prestigious 30 Under 30. I am grateful for the platform to spread the concept of conscious entrepreneurship, creative artisanal baking and vegan lifestyle to young women all over South East Asia. I believe that as women, we need to take risks, push the boundaries and be conscious of the limiting beliefs that might be holding us back from our truest potential. We are solely responsible for our own lives, and we need to live our lives sure-footed and with purpose.”

Talita Setyadi, Managing Director & Pastry Chef, BEAU, Indonesia


“There is a gaping hole in credible, relatable & refreshing content in Southeast Asia around Fashion, Art & Music. Young Asian women across markets & cultures want to stay in touch with popular culture & HerStyleAsia will definitely become their go to destination. It brings in global & local context around topics that matter to the women of today. The community appeal adds to the stickiness for audiences & take it to another dimension. We are thrilled to be launch partners of one of the most exciting digital destinations for women in Asia & am sure our brands will benefit from the width & depth of content & community.”

Sanchit Sanga, Chief Digital Officer, Mindshare – APAC & MENA

At HerStyleAsia, we encourage you to explore the uncharted and look at things differently,” says Deepshikha Punj, HSA Head of Content [watch her editorial note HERE]. “HerStyleAsia is about putting words behind the power of women: we are young, woke, and our stories are here to make noise,” adds Sabrena Jefri, HSA Head of Content for Culture.

Stop by HerStyleAsia.com to see what all the buzz is about.