October 2018 — Tickled Media, the media tech company behind theAsianparent , AsianMoneyGuide , and the recently launched HerStyleAsia , has been serving up some grade-A content & community platforms for Asian women… and the audience is hungry for more.

Presenting the latest Tickled Media creation: NONILO .



Aiming to jumpstart the creative spark in every Asian woman, Nonilo knows that home is the only place in the world she’s truly free to be herself and to experiment. It’s where she kicks off her heels, ties her hair up in a messy bun, and gets started on whatever makes her – and her alone – happy for that moment.

So what’s cooking on NONILO.com ?

Primarily focusing on FOOD and HOME, NONILO covers topics such as: recipes (of course! but goes beyond to give its readers…), pantry staples, cooking techniques, kitchen equipment, food news/reviews, restaurant guides, interior design pegs, furniture & home accessories ideas, gardening, organising, and even feng shui !

But as anyone with an interest in Pinterest will tell you, we never truly outgrow our love for arts & crafts (that began with our first box of crayons!) NONILO hosts its fair share of content on DIY & upcycling projects, fixer-upper guides, and a super useful hardware stores & supplies listing.

Can’t wait? Here’s a little taste:

Nonilo will be kicking off with The 1,001 Project – over a thousand ways to unleash one’s creative spirit at home (bento lunches, anyone? Oooh, how about an indoor herb garden?) Readers are also sure to love 23 Uniquely Asian tea brews to soothe and satisfy you and the NONILO tour of events and festivities around the region: from The Great Food Festival in Singapore to the Bangkok Furniture Fair; Halloween, mid-autumn festival, and Hindu festivals Navratri and Dussehra.


“Tickled Media has covered so many aspects of the modern Asian woman’s life – her family & relationships with theAsianparent, career & personal finance with Asian Money Guide, and fashion/beauty + culture/entertainment with HerStyleAsia. Here’s where she finally gets to take a breath; and with her pocket of me-time, indulge her passions. She may fumble with her DIY projects, overcook or absolutely ace the first fusion dish she tries, spend too much time on every detail of her brunch party… but it’s all going to be so much fun for her. And NONILO enabling that is just the reason why we put so much love into this project,” shares Nikki De Guzman, Director for NONILO.com.

“ theAsianparent’s core community of highly engaged young parents is an invaluable trove of insights for brands looking to engage with them. Managing food, home and DIY, are the areas of deepest engagement, that can help build even stronger connections with this community. Extending the platform into this territory with Nonilo is an attractive new proposition for brands to explore, and we wish them all the success with it,” says Ashutosh Srivastava, Chairman and CEO Mindshare Asia, Middle East and Africa.

Go on and treat yourself to a heavenly slice of NONILO.com , or email [email protected] for more yummy details.


Notes to the Editor:

About Tickled Media:

Tickled Media is the media tech company behind theAsianparent.com, AsianMoneyGuide.com, and HerStyleAsia.com. It reaches over 12 million women monthly across SEA via its content and community platforms. To brand partners, Tickled Media offers market research, content creation, KOL collaboration, video production, display advertising, social media + email marketing, e-commerce activations, and on-ground events. For more information, please visit: www.tickledmedia.com


NONILO is an Asian food and home content and community platform that aims to jumpstart the creative spirit in every woman. Its vision is to help every woman trigger that do-it-yourself attitude for the various aspects and needs in her life—so she can make it great, make it hers, and so she can overall, make it. Whether it’s about decorating or creating some home improvements, making delicious and healthier meals, or creating lifestyle design or redesign, NONILO aims to inspire, empower and enable the NONILO woman to be creative, resourceful, and self-sufficient through useful tips, insightful advice, and clever ideas made simple. Jumpstarting your creative starts at ​www.nonilo.com