For its 2019 Digital Mum Report, theAsianparent Vietnam gathered and analyzed responses from over 600 mums (about 50% from Hanoi and other Northern provinces).

Most of the respondents

  • belong to the 26-30 year old age group (47.9%)
  • went to college/university (65.2%)
  • work full time (51.7%)
  • have a household income within 10-20 million VND (77.9%)

Below are some interesting findings from theAsianparent Vietnam Digital Mum Survey 2019:

94.6% of mums surveyed are very strict but always try to understand their children.

76.9% also said that they don’t subscribe to a specific parenting style but try to balance all.

44.6% increased their time online up to 4 hours/day after becoming mothers.

Their top online activity is visiting parenting websites (526), followed by using Facebook and other social media (489), shopping online (283), checking mail (135), and browsing the Internet (103).

Facebook is both their top app and top messaging platform.

Half (51%) of the respondents turn to the Internet for baby-related issues.

27% seek out experts; while 22% turn to family/friends.

Online vs. offline shopping sees an even split.

49.4% shop online; while 50.6% shop in stores.


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Aptly named “Understanding the Malaysian Mum”, the 2019 Malaysian Digital Mum Report was the result of a survey done across the country, yielding 586 responses.

62% of the mums surveyed fall within the 26-35 age category; majority (80%) have a monthly household income of less than RM6,000.

Here are some of the report highlights:

She’s the Chief Household Officer (CHO)

94% of Malaysian mums attest to being the primary/co-decision-maker for household purchases

2 out of 5 increased their Internet usage by up to 4 hours a day after becoming a mum

What’s keeping them busy online: social media (83%), online shopping (61%), general Internet browsing (60%), parenting sites (55%), email (53%).

99% have at least 1 social media account

Per week, 61% spend over 6 hours on Facebook and 63% spend over 6 hours on Instagram.

2 out of 5 mums communicate with other mums online multiple times a day

Their top messaging app is Whatsapp, followed by Instagram, and then FB Messenger.

Topics vary between what she reads and what she watches

What mums enjoy reading: News, Baby/toddler child health, Health & nutrition tips, Baby/toddler child development

What they watch online: #1 Food; #2 Vacation; #3 Parenting & Children; #4 Fashion & Beauty

90% of mums surveyed shop online

Their favourite online shops are Shopee, Lazada, Facebook, and Instagram, where they buy clothes for their kids and themselves, as well as children’s products & toiletries.

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THAILAND, 27 February 2020 – Reaching over 7.7 million users monthly, theAsianparent Thailand — part of Southeast Asia’s largest parenting community platform under multinational tech and digital publishing company Tickled Media — revealed insights about mothers in Thailand based on findings from its annual Digital Mum Survey for 2019.

Conducted in six Southeast Asian markets, theAsianparent’s Digital Mum Survey is conducted on an annual basis to investigate how mothers utilise the internet. With more than 5,000 respondents, theAsianparent Thailand revealed insights on internet usage behaviours of mothers in Thailand via an official launch event called “Digital Mum Survey Reveal by”, giving event attendees a glimpse of how theAsianparent Thailand can help its clients analyse and develop future marketing strategies to more effectively target audiences.

Key takeaways pertaining to internet usage habits from theAsianparent’s Thailand Digital Mum Survey 2019 include

  • theAsianparent is the top parenting app in Thailand, utilised mostly for its pregnancy and baby development tracker alongside sharing experiences with fellow parents;
  • Thai mothers are most active on the internet from 6pm to 10pm;
  • Thai mothers spend most of their time online visiting parenting websites or mobile apps (86%), followed by using social media (73%) and shopping online (64%); and
  • 84% of Thai mothers usually look for parenting guides and information from parenting mobile apps, while 74% of the mums obtain their information through parenting sites.

theAsianparent’s Thailand Digital Mum Survey 2019 also revealed interesting shopping insights on Thai mothers, including

  • 92% of Thai mothers are the Chief Household Officers, making or co-making decisions for household purchases;
  • “Free shipping” is the most attractive promotion that influences a mother’s purchases; 
  • The “buy 1 get 1” marketing strategy has more impact on purchasing decisions compared to the “50% discount” strategy;
  • “Cash on delivery” is the most popular among all payment methods, followed by mobile banking methods and e-wallets; and
  • Advice from doctors or experts is the main influence that helps mothers make purchasing decisions. Online and celebrity influencers help increase product or brand awareness among mothers.

“Our Digital Mum Survey results illustrates the importance for Mum & Baby brands to understand internet usage behavior, from online activities, selected applications or trending topics on social media, to the shopping habits of the parents in this digital age. This also serves as an assurance for our partners that theAsianparent understands its community, enabling effective and efficient targeted communication. In 2020, we aim to expand our community and encompass the entire family unit through the development of new, inclusive and targeted content via media such as videos and podcasts,said Ms. Pilawan Wanichchinchai, Deputy Country Manager of theAsianparent Thailand.

theAsianparent Thailand is the number one parenting community in Thailand with over 7.7 million unique visitors per month, 32 million page views and over 1.1 million Facebook fans. Through its content, community and technology via its app, it aims to help parents raise healthy children and families. theAsianparent Thailand also hosts a variety of in-house events and partnership events with industry top baby brands. Some events to look out for in 2020 include Baby Bash & theAsianparent FamFunFest, which features top pregnancy and baby brands alongside a specially curated programme and great deals for families.


SINGAPORE, 17 January 2020 – Reaching nearly 30 million users monthly, theAsianparent — Southeast Asia’s largest parenting community platform for parenting – today announced that the former General Manager of Mumbrella Asia, Dean Carroll, has joined theAsianparent to lead its Events and Intellectual Property (IP) Division in the Southeast Asia region. 

With theAsianparent’s vision of helping parents towards 100 million healthy pregnancies and families, Carroll comes onboard to diversify the business into experiential marketing and offline spaces for theAsianparent’s community of parents. Dean was most recently the General Manager of a leading media and marketing trade press site Mumbrella Asia, where he launched a series of large-scale events and led the team to win various awards regionally.

On his appointment as Head of Events & IP, Carroll said, “It was a no-brainer for me to join theAsianparent team. theAsianparent is already the market leader in the parenting category regionally, and  the opportunity to scale up its experiential marketing offerings across the Southeast Asia region truly excites me. With a baby on the way, I hope my insights from being a father will give me diverse perspectives for my work, while theAsianparent community concurrently helps me become a better father.”

theAsianparent has an existing footprint in the events marketplace, putting on experiential activations for clients on a regular basis as well as its signature Baby Bashes and Chief Household Officer (CHO) Mums conferences. Going forward, it envisages more business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) events on a larger scale, alongside a new awards series.

“Over the past year, we saw our community grow more than twofold to nearly 30 million parents. While it is important for us to drive capitalisation efforts, it is equally important that we meet the needs of our strong and close-knit parenting community. With Dean, we hope to build greater offline presence with our community and provide them with what they need to have healthy pregnancies and families, while simultaneously giving our clients and partners the opportunity to reach greater audiences and forge stronger brand connections with parents and their families,” said Susana Tsui, CEO of Media at theAsianparent.

2019 has seen theAsianparent achieve many milestones, including raising an eight-figure sum from investors such as Fosun International, and Mirae Asset-Naver New Growth Fund. Bringing on experienced talent over the past few months, it looks to further grow its community within the region and beyond.

theAsianparent, a Southeast Asia’s social network and community platform for mums with a monthly network reach of nearly 30 million users has revealed insights in theAsianparent’s Singapore Digital Mums Survey 2019.

Here are some interesting insights from its Singapore Digital Mums Survey 2019:

  • Qoo10 is the #1 e-commerce platform among Singaporean Mums;
  • 96% of them shop online at least once a month, and the top items that they shop for are children’s clothes, baby products & toiletries and clothes for themselves;
  • Mums are getting more tech-savvy, with a 38% increase in online activities by 1- 4 hours per day since becoming mothers; and
  • Mums are night owls, with 65% preferring to go online after 9 pm.

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theAsianparent team in Indonesia just revealed the results of our annual Digital Mum Survey (Indonesia) in The Sultan Hotel & Residence in Jakarta and the response was overwhelming! We had a full house of more than 200 guests where we gave insights on how Indonesian mums think and their preferences.

Some interesting insights include:

  • Mums use the Internet more and watch less TV after becoming mums;
  • OVO is the number 1 e-payment platform, which they use mostly for shopping and transportation; and
  • They are very tech savvy, with 53% of them shopping online weekly.

Read more about our Indonesian mums here: Digital Mum Survey (ID) 2019 (Indonesia)


Manila, November 13, 2019 — It was an afternoon of learning and insight as theAsianparent Philippines shared the latest results of the Digital Moms Survey, an annual study that examines the habits and behaviours of moms through over a thousand responses from the active users of theAsianparent app.

The program began with a keynote message from Ms Susana Tsui, CEO of Media as she shared the company’s remarkable growth journey showing throughout the past 10 years. She also shared how theAsianparent Philippines has grown to have 3.5 million unique views on its website and over 200,000 active users on the app, making it the #1 parenting platform in the country.

Following Ms. Susana Tsui’s keynote, Mr. Alex Cruz, App Marketing Manager of theAsianparent Philippines shared theAsianparent’s app features and how these have been instrumental is guiding Filipina moms in various life stages, from trying to conceive, to going through pregnancy to raising a young child. While developmental trackers help moms through each of their children’s milestones, the app also has features that range from education to entertainment, such as a media section with its very own rendition of the famous Baby Shark, and a Food & Nutrition section that guides moms on what is safe to eat when you’re pregnant or lactating. The app has a vibrant and active community of moms seeking questions and sharing experiences with one another.

Regional Head of Content, Ms Carla Perlas, shared this year’s Digital Moms Survey results. After gathering data from over a thousand respondents, theAsianparent Philippines shared valuable insights to brands, partner agencies, and the press about information on digital usage and purchasing behaviours of today’s Filipina mom.

To further provide more personal insights during the program, our host and moderator, Ms Dazzle Sy, facilitated a fun discussion with celebrity mom LJ Reyes, Candice Venturanza of theAsianparen Philippines, Bernadette Zulueta of Millennial Moms PH and MK Bertulfo of Filipina Homebased Moms who gamely answered several questions on parenting, their purchasing habits and how they acquire and share information online.

So, who’s the Filipino digital mom, according to theAsianparent Philippines?

1) She calls the shots as the Chief Household Officer (CHO) 
88% of survey respondents shared that they make the biggest purchasing decisions in their household, most especially when it is for the baby. One of the key drivers to making a product purchase is knowing the benefits and use of the product (55%).

2) “Wa-is” mom is also a digital-savvy mom
31% of our mom respondents shared that their screen time has increased by 4 hours after being a mom. Today’s digital-savvy mom also gets tips on parenting through social media and the top 3 apps that they use on a daily basis includes: Facebook (33%), theAsianparent app (31%) and Instagram (27%).

3) She continues to strive to be a better version of herself as a mom and a homemaker
Most of our respondents find themselves actively online past 9pm (28%) after putting the kids to bed. It’s during this time that she engages with fellow moms through the app’s community feature or on social media (33%).

4) Shopping for the digital Filipina mom is just a tap away
While our respondents still like shopping in physical stores (70%), they also love online shopping for diapers (48%), clothes (20%) and milk (15%) especially during baby fairs and big promotions.

5) She’s your everyday millennial mom
theAsianparent mom is a young mom in her twenties (64%). She is either pregnant with her first child or has one child who is 3 years old and below (63%). She’s a college graduate (65.2%) but has chosen to be a stay-at-home mom to take care of her family. Nonetheless, she keeps herself updated through social media and regularly communicates with her family and friends through different messaging apps (62%). Today’s Filipino mom is on top of her game when it comes to making the right decisions for her family. She knows where to seek the information that she needs and also willingly offers tips and advice when asked. As such, theAsianparent is the best medium to reach today’s digital mom and the right voice to use to influence her.

Seventeen leaders from, or based in Singapore have been selected as part of the inaugural cohort of Obama Foundation Leaders: Asia-Pacific, a cross section of 200 emerging civic leaders from 33 nations and territories in the region, who will convene in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from December 10-14. The 200 Leaders represent public, private, and non-profit sectors, and they work on a variety of issues, ranging from education to environment to entrepreneurship. Among the leaders is our very own Founder & Group CEO Roshni Mahtani, one of the few selected from the tech community and media & marketing industry.

The Leaders: Asia-Pacific gathering will serve as the kick-off event for a year-long leadership program and is designed to further inspire, empower, and connect the emerging leaders to change the world. While in Malaysia, the Leaders will be joined by prominent speakers and thought leaders who will discuss topics such as progress and opportunity in the Asia-Pacific region, values-based leadership, and the intersection of purpose and entrepreneurship during a series of plenary sessions. 

The five-day convening in December will also consist of skill-building workshops, leadership development training, and opportunities for Leaders to connect with one another. Leaders will have a chance to apply their skills and knowledge to various real-world scenarios while using creative, values-driven approaches to problem-solving. Additionally, to underscore the important relationship between service and leadership, Leaders will participate in a community service project. 

Although the gathering is closed to the general public, the plenary sessions will be made available via livestream at Each Leader’s journey of growth will continue remotely for a year after the gathering, through webinars and a virtual speaker series, as well as support, amplification, and other opportunities from the Foundation.

The Asia-Pacific program follows the Obama Foundation’s inaugural international Leaders program launched in Africa in 2018 and represents the Foundation’s commitment to the region, along with the belief that these emerging leaders, through the extraordinary work they do in their own communities, have the potential to positively affect change across the globe.

Singapore, 15 November 2019 – theAsianparent announced that it has formed a strategic collaboration with Mediacorp, Singapore’s largest content creator and national media network, through its Digital Network platform.

Recognised as Singapore’s number one premium digital network, the Mediacorp Digital Network combines Mediacorp’s leadership in news and entertainment with best-in-class partner platforms across sports, property, luxury, parenting, entertainment and more. The Network reaches 3.5 million unique visitors via web and mobile devices in a premium brand safe environment across display, in-app, OTT, native and social formats at scale.

Under the agreements, Mediacorp will be the exclusive representative for all direct and programmatic media sales in Singapore for theAsianparent. theAsianparent will support Mediacorp in delivering comprehensive marketing solutions to clients through the provision of branded content.

“We are excited about collaborating with Mediacorp. As theAsianparent enters the next phase of growth, this strategic collaboration enables us to tap on Mediacorp’s expertise in the digital network space to enhance our solutions and grow our clientele base while we continue to grow our parenting community network,” said Roshni Mahtani, theAsianparent’s Founder & Group CEO.  theAsianparent is available in 11 languages and 12 countries, with a total community reach of nearly 30 million parents.

The Mediacorp Digital Network now comprises 10 digital brands owned and operated by Mediacorp – CNA, CNA Lifestyle, CNA Luxury, TODAY, BERITA, Seithi, 8 World, Toggle, MeRadio and 8Days – as well as eight partner brands – ESPN, VICE, Singapore Tatler, YouTube,, Mothership, Popcorn and theAsianparent.

Mediacorp’s Chief Commercial and Digital Officer Parminder Singh said, “We are delighted to welcome Mothership, Popcorn and theAsianparent to the Mediacorp Digital Network, cementing our position as the top digital network in Singapore. The Mediacorp Digital Network delivers the best of Mediacorp and its partners to consumers, and these partnerships enable greater scale and further strengthen our suite of content solutions for advertisers and agencies.”

Image result for mirae asset financial group logo          Image result for naver logo

Singapore, 7 November 2019theAsianparent, Southeast Asia’s largest platform for parents with a monthly network reach of nearly 30 million users, has announced that it has closed a seven-figure Series C2 funding from new strategic investors Mirae Asset  Financial Group (“Mirae Asset”) and NAVER Corporation (“NAVER Corp”) through their Mirae Asset-Naver New Growth Fund. This comes after theAsianparent secured an eight-figure Series C Funding in July 2019 led by Fosun International, followed by other investors such as, ATM Capital and Redbadge Pacific.

The additional funding will be utilised to further implement theAsianparent’s diversification strategy, which entails expanding its foray into the commerce business through manufacturing and creating its own direct to consumer line of maternity and baby products. theAsianparent will also be allocating more resources into improving its technology infrastructure to support its growing community through investments in advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence support, as well as expanding its technology team.

According to a new report by Grand View Research, the global baby products market size is expected to reach US$16.78 billion by 2025. This is due to an increased female working population becoming mothers, fuelling the demand for ready-to-use products for themselves and their babies. The Asia Pacific market, where theAsianparent has its strongest roots, is also expected to expand, owing to the increased awareness on the importance of “baby nutrition, hygiene, and safety” especially in developing regions in Asia. Constant innovation will also serve to further increase growth of the industry, which is what theAsianparent’s fresh funding will serve to tap on, providing safe and affordable care products for mums and babies. 

Jikwang Chung, Head of the New Growth Investment Division at Mirae Asset Capital who oversees international growth stage/venture capital investments said, “We are always on the lookout for forward-thinking, fast-growing companies to invest in, and that’s exactly what theAsianparent is. We’ve seen how they’ve grown from a start-up to a multinational company with almost 30 million users, and are happy to be a part of their journey.”

“We are honoured to have Mirae Asset and NAVER Corp’s support in theAsianparent’s growth journey. Expansion into commerce is a natural progression for theAsianparent. As a purpose-driven maternal health-tech company, access to safe and healthy products at an affordable price point is complementary to the content we provide to our thirty-million strong parenting community,” said Roshni Mahtani, Founder and Group CEO of theAsianparent.

Alongside its diversification strategy, theAsianparent will continue expanding its community reach into new markets with high fertility rates. Through its localised content and community platform, it aims to help more than 50 million parents raise happy and healthy children and families. With its recent senior management hires previously from Dentsu Aegis Network China and Rocket Internet, theAsianparent is working towards a US$100 million revenue milestone within the next few years.