August, 2018 – Almost a year to date, Adrian Watkins signed on as Head of Data and Strategy at Tickled Media. Today, he makes history as the first Chief Strategy Officer of the company.

In this new role, he works alongside Tickled Media Founder and CEO Roshni Mahtani to help develop, communicate, execute, and sustain strategic initiatives ranging from commercial positioning through to wider business rationale.

“At a time when tech and media are evolving at breakneck speed, we need someone to help usher Tickled into a new era of insight-led innovation. We’re looking no further than Adrian, who has done remarkable things for our campaign delivery process, smoothed out so many operational hiccups, and brought in streams of new revenue,” says Tickled Media Founder and CEO Roshni Mahtani of the appointment.

Over the past 12 months, he has led the team in implementing changes in first party data collection and analytics, a move that has positively impacted Tickled Media: increasing readership by 18%, pageviews by 30%, and boosting website engagement with session time up by 23% and bounce rate down by 38% (all year-on-year). These initiatives have also improved campaign delivery, ultimately increasing revenue by 45% YOY, on track to double that of 2017. Alongside performance improvements, Watkins has also focused on the development of higher margin parallel income streams for the company, such as innovative display solutions and automated revenue.

Both Tickled Media and the wider industry stand to benefit from this appointment, given Watkins’ client focus + data mastery. Sachin Pagey, Director of Strategy and Marketing Services at Mega Lifesciences, weighs in:

“Adrian’s promotion to Chief Strategy Officer is a great move for Tickled Media, and one that Mega We Care fully endorses. I’ve worked very closely with Adrian over the last year for the launch of Baby Natura, our plant-based whole food, in the region. The depth of insight, energy and enthusiasm he’s brought to our long-term partnership is much welcome. We look forward to enhancing this relationship with theAsianparent even further as we launch our new products and move into more markets in 2019. With Adrian’s promotion to CSO, the long-term outlook for Tickled Media is undoubtedly positive!”

Adrian Watkins has 20 years of experience across media, commercial, content, sales, marketing, data, MADtech, and digital transformation within brands, publishers, and agencies. He was the Founder and Managing Director of data, tech, and marketing consultancy firm PerformanceAsia, and was previously a Board member of the Asia Content Marketing Association (ACMA). He also has a proven corporate track record within world class organisations such as Virgin, News Corporation, and CBS, leading initiatives in business development, company acquisition, monetising existing and new territories, and building and managing commercial and content teams in multiple countries.

Plus-size. Trans. Androgyny. Ombre. Not words you’d usually associate with Asian fashion but millennials around the region beg to differ. Fashion is a mirror of society and times are changing.

Just-launched beauty and fashion portal doubles as a social commentary, as it explores the interplay of Asian music, art, entertainment, culture, and style TODAY.

Tapping into the soundtrack of this generation – from pop songs to underground hits, street art, viral videos, podcasts, even hashtags for inspiration, HSA is out to shatter myths and shine the spotlight on taboos, with the ultimate goal of empowering young Asian women.

In the sea of OOTDs, HSA asks women across the region to embrace their own brand of self-expression.


HerStyleAsia hosts content that goes beyond non-judgmental to celebrating imperfections. Where else can you find features on the 10 most gorgeous transwomen in Thailand and female tattoo artists in Asia?

Because the irony in the age of filters is that what we’re dying to talk about is what’s REAL. Real concerns, [‘How often should I wash my bra?’ Here’s the dirty truth!], real issues, [How female DJs in Singapore fought sexist stereotyping], real stories [Pinoy makeup artists changing the world of beauty].

Doing away with that one perfect Barbie look, HSA has something for every woman, interest, and lifestyle.

The basics will of course be covered [Finding the perfect nude for your Asian skin tone; How to clean every type of shoe in your closet], but HSA can’t wait to let you in on forest bathing, power buns, green fashion, horse oil, vegan makeup, Hijabi trends, K-beauty cloudless skin, and so much more.


It’s an amazing time for Asian millennial women, and Asian millennial women are doing amazing things. That’s why the first feature highlight of HerStyleAsia is its 30 under 30 list.

From a pioneer in luxury halal cosmetics in Asia to a jiu-jitsu champion who teaches underprivileged girls self-defense, plus-size models, and the founder and CEO of a green marketplace for tech in Indonesia, these #girlbosses will stun you with their success and yet unrelenting drive.

“It’s an honour to be acknowledged as part of Her Style Asia’s Prestigious 30 Under 30. I am grateful for the platform to spread the concept of conscious entrepreneurship, creative artisanal baking and vegan lifestyle to young women all over South East Asia. I believe that as women, we need to take risks, push the boundaries and be conscious of the limiting beliefs that might be holding us back from our truest potential. We are solely responsible for our own lives, and we need to live our lives sure-footed and with purpose.”

Talita Setyadi, Managing Director & Pastry Chef, BEAU, Indonesia


“There is a gaping hole in credible, relatable & refreshing content in Southeast Asia around Fashion, Art & Music. Young Asian women across markets & cultures want to stay in touch with popular culture & HerStyleAsia will definitely become their go to destination. It brings in global & local context around topics that matter to the women of today. The community appeal adds to the stickiness for audiences & take it to another dimension. We are thrilled to be launch partners of one of the most exciting digital destinations for women in Asia & am sure our brands will benefit from the width & depth of content & community.”

Sanchit Sanga, Chief Digital Officer, Mindshare – APAC & MENA

At HerStyleAsia, we encourage you to explore the uncharted and look at things differently,” says Deepshikha Punj, HSA Head of Content [watch her editorial note HERE]. “HerStyleAsia is about putting words behind the power of women: we are young, woke, and our stories are here to make noise,” adds Sabrena Jefri, HSA Head of Content for Culture.

Stop by to see what all the buzz is about.

In this role, she is tasked to build and develop new verticals and revenue streams that will widen the Tickled audience to all women across the region (from a current base of 12 million mum users monthly). She will also be implementing internal efficiency measures to streamline business operations.

“These are pivotal times for both Asian women and digital media. Tickled’s role in connecting the two is so clear to us: by providing the right content, at the right time, in the right way, we help our online communities steer through the noise to get the information, inspiration, and support they need – at every life stage,” shares Ngai.

Roshni Mahtani, Tickled Media Founder and CEO adds: “Lesley is someone who’s seen and done it all. I have full confidence in her ability and will, to take our flagship and incubated media assets into their bright futures.”

Prior to Tickled Media, Ngai was Business Lead for various Mediacorp titles, which she grew from print platforms to integrated media brands. She also held the position of VP Business Operations. Her early career was spent practicing law and in people development, focusing on organizational change.

Ngai has an MBA (Finance) from the Manchester Business School, MA (Work-Based Learning) in Strategic Business Change from the Middlesex University, and had been admitted to the UK and Wales Bar as Barrister-in-Law, as well as the Malaysian Bar as Advocate and Solicitor.

May, 2018 – Singapore headquartered Tickled Media, publisher of media assets,, and, has raised a $6.7 million round. The funding round was led by Global Grand Leisure and joined by Mountain Pine Capital as well as existing investors. The company also raised additional venture debt financing from DBS Bank. This brings its total funding amount to over $11 million to date.  

Founded by Roshni Mahtani, the media-tech company has seen remarkable growth from 1 million users in 2013 to its current base of 12 million Asian women monthly users across Asia.

The funding round will help the company fuel its expansion into the Philippines, Malaysia, and Vietnam; as well as develop two additional media properties that will also target the Asian women segment.

“There’s a significant market gap in that there’s really no large pan-(Southeast) Asia media company – or even a local one – just focusing on women in the entirety of their short- and long-term needs. We see this as an exciting opportunity to grow to become the largest digital media player in Southeast Asia. We are hiring aggressively and bringing in the best talent to bring that vision to life,” shares Mahtani.

Chairman of Mountain Pine Capital, Paul Rogers, adds: “Tickled Media provides a far superior social network environment for its target Asian women vertical community than Facebook, with a higher level of trust providing relevant content and local tribe creation. For Advertisers targeting moms, their budget is far better allocated with accurate metrics from theAsianparent.”

On the growth of Tickled Media, Carmen Yuen, Partner at Vertex Ventures, comments: “Vertex Ventures has witnessed how the company has evolved in the last 3 years; and is very positive about the growth of the company and its recent steps. As a woman in today’s overly complex world, I completely see the need for content and communities hyper-targeted to a woman’s life stage.”

See for more details. Visit,, and download theAsianparent app on iOS or Android, to see what all the buzz is about. (Or check out this infographic about how awesome we are!)

May 2018 – Singapore-headquartered Tickled Media and have secured a partnership deal to co-represent their digital media assets across the region, starting with the Indonesian market. This is a first-of-its-kind cross-industry collaboration; and it is set to expand the reach of two companies that are already major players in their respective fields.

Tickled Media currently owns media assets and, reaching 11 million women monthly across Southeast Asia.

Property site recently acquired Indonesia’s largest property portal Urbanindo to become the largest home search portal in Singapore and Indonesia, with over 150,000 and 1.2 million property listings respectively. The platform currently serves well over 2 million property users with over 20 million page views per month.

Both are headquartered in Singapore and have Indonesia as one of their key markets.

The collaboration primarily involves the creation of bundle packages that will enable interested advertisers such as property developers, financial institutions, media agencies, and other brand entities, to buy into the digital platforms of both companies and reach their combined audience. Market research projects and custom packages will also be offered in this joint initiative.

“Our Asian digital mum survey constantly shows that mums are the primary household decision makers – Chief Household Officers or CHOs, we call them – not just for everyday items but for large investments like insurance, cars, education, travel, and of course, real estate. As for Asian Money Guide, we have a whole category on property investment, so it’s a brilliant match,” shares Tickled Media’s Country Manager for Singapore, Lesley Ngai.

“We currently serve over 2 million active home seekers and investors across Singapore and Indonesia. For this reason, we’ve seen much interest from advertisers to include us as a part of their marketing plan” adds CEO Darius Cheung.

We see what we do as helping users find their dream home, and home in itself is such a huge category. The brands we partner with all look to target and reach out to homeowners. Tying up with Tickled Media just made sense for us – we all know that mums are typically the ones making the day to day decisions in the household. We are confident that this partnership will value-add our partners even further!”

The digital age has made a lot of things convenient for mothers. Not only when it comes to looking up information about health and child development, but also being able to buy a lot of needs with just one point or click, without leaving the home. No getting stuck in traffic, difficulty in finding parking, or wasting time queuing at the cash register.

However, what do we know about the actual consumption of online shopping for digital mothers?

TheAsianParent conducted a survey in December 2017 to more than 1000 mothers in Indonesia aged between 20-40 years with household income above Rp 3 million (SGD 288).

98% of mothers surveyed said they were the ultimate decision makers for their household purchases.

One of the reasons why mothers choose to shop online is to avoid the hassles of shopping outside with a child. In addition, there are 3 main reasons other moms shop online:

  1. Can be done anytime and anywhere
  2. To save time
  3. Can compare prices easily

Price comparison is very important for mothers. However, it should still be supported with quality. Mums also like the ease of comparing the quality of goods through reviews on the Internet, especially on parenting sites. As many as 94% of our respondents made a purchase after viewing online recommendations, and 28% made purchases after viewing reviews from parenting sites.

Ease of payment transactions also supports this online shopping pattern. As many as 41% of the respondents prefer to make payments via mobile phone for their online shopping purchases.

73% of online shopping mums shop more than 2-3 times a month, and for each transaction, 6 out of 10 spend an average of Rp100,000-Rp300,000 (SGD 9.25 – 27.75). The online purchases mainly revolve around children, with a percentage of 78% for children’s clothing products and 61% for baby / child products.

Meanwhile, according to Nadya Pramesrani, M. Psi, Psychologist from Rumah Dandelion, online shopping for mums can serve as a reward and break from the busyness in the office and at home.

Me time or time for yourself for the mothers is a necessity to help them stay mentally healthy and can provide a healthy and positive environment also for their children. But with all the limitations that exist, especially in terms of time, create mothers spending Me Time with online shopping. Me time, becomes similar to window shopping but less effort compared to going to malls, and also create a smart mom because it’s easy to compare the price and quality that ultimately helps them choose the best for the family. ”

The most preferred e-commerce platform for mothers in Indonesia

A mother’s role requires her to always give the best for her family. On the other hand, she must also be the wisest in managing household expenses. Therefore, the affordability of prices is the mother’s primary consideration when choosing an e-commerce platform for online shopping.

Do you know? As many as 46% of mothers with children aged 4 years and over will look for products at a discount. After the price, the new mum will consider the trustworthiness of the seller and the existence of free shipping service.

From many online shopping platforms, Shopee became the first choice of mothers (selected 73% of respondents), followed by Tokopedia (54%), Lazada (51%), and although not fully part of the e-commerce category, Instagram (50 %).

For 90% of the respondents, Shopee is the most affordable online shopping platform. Shopee also features in-app messaging features, and free goods delivery promos. This might also be the reason that 83% of the respondents said they would recommend Shopee to their friends.

That is certainly proof that today’s mother has been helped by the development of technology. This allows mums to perform their roles, while enjoying entertainment, even shopping – anywhere and anytime, in the palm of their hand!

“I have 100 thousand dollars sitting in my current account and I have no idea what to do with it.”

“Do I need to pay my maid a 13th month bonus?”

“Should I have a joint bank account with my fiancé?”

“How much does raising a child cost?”

“Is it better to spend my excess income investing in jewelry, travel, or stocks?” 

These are questions that Roshni Chugani, 27, and Cristina Morales, 29, but had no idea where to turn to for answers. Financial websites and blogs were way too boring and just led to more questions, head-scratching, and googling. So they badgered their boss to start…

A portal on money matters by women for women.

6 months later, is launched across four markets: Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, and the Philippines, with the mission to “empower women with basic financial and career advice in bite-sized information presented to them at the right time, at the right life stage”.

Asian Money Guide (AMG) and its vision has resonated with its early audience so much that 30fairy godmums’ a.k.a. contributors gladly shared their articles, stories, and most of all, wisdom, to help other women with their financial whats, what ifs, and woes.

AMG fairy godmums include supermodel Stephanie Chai of, corporate and innovations wiz Meri Rosich, Founder and CEO of Sixteenth Street Capital, Rashmi Kwatra, Managing Director at Singapore Repertory Theatre, Charlotte Nors, and Head of Regional Business Development at FastJobs Asia, Joelle Pang.

“I wanted to find an online portal where I could contribute some knowledge about single parenting and money matters to help women in my position. Thankfully, I didn’t have to look very far. Asian Money Guide will most definitely be bookmarked on my laptop and phone as I believe it will be a plethora of extremely useful articles, especially for women who care about managing their finances,” shares CIS HK teacher and fairy godmum Anjali Nainani.

K.I.S.S. – Keeping It Simple but Savvy

Asian Money Guide is out to ‘simplify money’, with focus on the financial needs of women. Unlike books, pamphlets, and websites that are peppered with jargon or those that seem to require level 1 financial knowledge (and make you want to pull your hair out), AMG enables every woman – of every situation and background – to be empowered in making money decisions and planning her financial future.

AMG is loaded with 101s, stories, interviews, videos, lists, and other forms of content, on topics such as: Savings, Credit/Debit Cards, Investments, Retirement, Fintech/Cryptocurrencies, Taxes, Insurance, Property, Entrepreneurship, Networking, Job-hunting, Travel, Home, Health, and Work-life Balance.

These may not be exciting at face value, but AMG distills even the most complex financial discussions to easy, fun, bite-sized reads. So how do these sound instead: Which handbag has the highest return on investment? How do I command the same salary as my male coworker? Should I tell my husband how much I really earn? Will investing in Manolo Blahniks increase my chances of signing the deal?

Even practical domestic issues prove interesting: Should I pay my parents to babysit my kids? What are the best budgeting apps out there? Is that ridiculously expensive high-tech vacuum really worth it?

Plus, tools such as ‘Loan & Savings’ and ‘Can I afford it?” calculators are available on the portal for all of us busy babes.

Written for you, yes you!

Whether single, in a relationship, engaged, married, separated, with or without kids, readers will find content on Asian Money Guide that just speaks to them. Articles such as “Money Questions Before Marriage: 11 Questions To Ask Your Fiancé” and “The Single Woman’s Guide To Buying A First Home” were produced with particular life stages and situations in mind, to provide information and advice that fit like a glove.

“When I finally learned the ropes on how to be financially independent – after years of relying on my parent’s support – I realised how so many other women must be struggling to achieve financial freedom. I’m thrilled to have Asian Money Guide come to life and hope that in the next year, we can empower women all over Asia to be bold and confident in taking control of their career and investment paths,” shares Roshni Chugani, Director of AMG.

And the response to the portal has been fabulous.  “I love Asian Money Guide – it’s perfect for someone like me who’s not so familiar with the different financial products out there. It’s become my one-stop shop for all things finance, recommendations, tips and advice,” says Danni Siew-Stevens, a sales manager living in Singapore.

Knowledge creates impact only when it’s shared and applied. I am excited to share my experiences and what I know on a platform aimed at empowering a generation of women who are chasing their career and financial aspirations. This helps in creating a more equal world” – Joelle Pang, AMG fairy godmum

See for yourself what all the buzz is about at

The largest parenting portal in the region,, has recently crossed the 2.5 million monthly unique visitors from Indonesia mark, officially earning the title of #1 among Indonesian parenting websites.

Published in Bahasa Indonesia, theAsianparent content speaks to the modern Indonesian mum with topics ranging from pregnancy and breastfeeding, to child care tips, relationship advice, household management, leisure & entertainment, fitness/health, and the latest in parenting news and trends.


The news comes at an opportune time as theAsianparent (TAP) Indonesia has officially registered its office in Indonesia, under the name PT Tickled Audience Platform. The launch event was held at Block 71 Jakarta last September 13, 2017.

Roshni Mahtani, Founder and CEO of Tickled Media, with João Pedro Príncipe, CEO of, at the PT Tickled Audience Platform (theAsianparent Indonesia) launch


It was here that the 2017 Indonesian Digital Mums Report was revealed. The report is based on in-depth market research data from over 1,000 mums living in Jakarta, Greater Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, and Medan, on the latest digital characteristics of and emerging trends in the Indonesian mum’s online behavior, Internet consumption, and social media habits. A copy of the report can be found here.

“Across the region, mums hold the position of Chief Household Officer, making strategic, operational, financial, and everyday decisions for the well-being of the family  – an underrated yet extremely vital role,” shares Roshni Mahtani, Founder and CEO of Tickled Media, the company behind theAsianparent. “It’s imperative that we keep learning about our Asian digital mums, to better understand and connect with this powerful audience.”

Another highlight was the introduction of theAsianparent TAPfluencer Network, a circle of parent influencers who, together, bring forth various perspectives on the local parenting scene. The network has a collective reach of 6.1 million users across Asia  ⎼ 2.4 million on Facebook and 2.5 million on Instagram, to name a few of the platforms.

TAPfluencer and proud mum of two, Grace Melia (@grace.melia), shares, “theAsianparent Indonesia is an informative yet fun source of parenting and family reads. I love the various topics – light and easy. Jadi bacanya nyantai tapi infonya tetep dapet [The tone/language is light, but won’t let you miss out on any important information.] Asked to join the TAPfluencer network, I could only say… hey, why not?”


Due to its rapid growth in the country, theAsianparent Indonesia will now operate under PT TICKLED AUDIENCE PLATFORM, offering end-to-end services to brand clients focused on the family category: from market research to content creation, KOL collaboration, video production, display advertising, social media + email marketing, and sponsored/bespoke on-ground events.

For collaborative projects, advertising opportunities, and job openings, interested parties may contact the team via +62811 2018 203 and [email protected].


theAsianparent (TAP), the largest parenting portal in the region, has gathered 110 (and counting!) influencers across Southeast Asia to establish the ‘TAPfluencer network’, the first of its kind.

Composed mostly of mumfluencers, a handful of dadfluencers, as well as thought leaders, the network has a collective reach of 6.1 million users across Asia: 2.4 million on Facebook and 2.5 million on Instagram, to name some platforms.

Connecting the right influencers with brands they truly believe in, the network benefits its members, marketers, and theAsianparent audience alike, through engaging content coming from the TAPfluencers’ real mum/dad perspectives.

As they test products and take part in campaigns and events, TAPfluencers will be able to gain unique brand experiences to share with those in the same parenthood stage – from expecting a baby all the way to raising a pre-teen.

The list of TAPfluencers was debuted during the launch event last September 9, 2017 at the Tickled Media headquarters. Members of the TAPfluencer network were in attendance to take part in the momentous event.

Mumfluencers Pooja and Ashlyn with their tots plus Tickled Media Founder and CEO, Roshni Mahtani, and Project Lead Minoli Almeida.


Leading the TAPfluencer project is Minoli Almeida, who has been a Community Manager with the company for the last 4 years. Her new role encompasses discovering, training, and connecting the TAPfluencers. Some of whom are:

Pooja Kawatra | | SINGAPORE

A full-time working mum of two, she believes that “Tough times don’t last but tough people do.” Diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma when her eldest was 9 months old, she beat the disease and now helps others through the Singapore Cancer Society.



Malaque Mahdaly | @malaquemahdaly | SINGAPORE

A TV personality and mum of one with another on the way, Malaque is known to many as the wife of rapper, Syarif Sleeq. Together, they run their hit food business, Chulop! churros, which they call their ‘first baby’, borne of Malaque’s baking prowess and delectable homemade recipes.



Feliz and Jay Lucas | | PHILIPPINES

The young parents’ unwavering faith and strength during their heartbreaking struggle with late daughter Courageous Caitie’s rare medical condition, inspired many throughout the region. They are blessed with a new angel in their lives, and are stronger than ever as a family.



Arcee Miranda | | PHILIPPINES

She’s the woman behind ‘modern mommy lifestyle blog’, The Bag Investigator, which provides tech, beauty, and food updates and informative reviews on bags – from latest releases to spotting fakes. She also incorporates her parenting takeaways and motherhood milestones into the blog.



Yuyu Zulaikha | | MALAYSIA

The beauty-blogging mum of two has long been influential in the lifestyle circles of Malaysia. With her transition to motherhood, she shares tips on staying gorgeous, despite the demands of child-rearing.



Umei Teh | | MALAYSIA

Every mum’s fitspiration, she is the brains behind Cikipedia, a blog that shares her secrets on staying young and fit, especially as a new mum to baby Luca. She is also a practicing Pharmacist (UK) and a Certified Fitness Nutritionist (NASM).



Falla Adinda | | INDONESIA

A doctor, wife, and mum, she is the author of Heart Emergency Book and Save My Soul. Fondly known as ‘Doctor Duck’, she describes herself as a “Doctor for people”, sometimes even answering her followers’ health concerns over social media.



Nina Zatulini Chandra | @ninazatulini22 | INDONESIA

Of the many roles she’s played on the big and small screens, perhaps the one she enjoys most is her current one as mother to the adorable Kenzie. She is married to dadpreneur Chandra Tauphan Ansar.



Prae Nartnooth | | THAILAND

Mummy Prae takes pride in balancing work and family life. She tackles common parenting problems and shares a ‘Mummy Guide’ featuring tips on childcare, alongside lifestyle stories and updates.  



Air Jariyaporn | | THAILAND

Sharing her musings on motherhood, Mummy Air blogs her stories, photos, inspirations, and experiences as a young mother, covering topics ranging from pregnancy and breastfeeding to preschool, as well as home/parenting tips.



A few TAPfluencers share their thoughts:

“It’s a great honor to be part of the TAPfluencer network, to be able to collaborate with theAsianparent – an organization that makes a great difference in the parenting circle, helping to improve the lives of children and parents everywhere!” – Milton Goh,

“It takes a village As a family who has braved infertility, childlosses, and navigated the adoption labyrinth, we are most privileged to be invited to join the TAP influencers circle where we can network, enlarge our influence and use our experience to build many other parents up in this Asian Parent community.” – Angeline Sim,

“It’s exciting to be considered a TAPfluencer. It’s opened doors for my family and I to experience kid-friendly product and fun family events, and best of all, everyone is so supportive and friendly to each other. We all LOVE what we do, and it shows!” – Beverly Burgess,

To know more about and especially to join the TAPfluencer network, visit

theAsianparent would like to thank our partners for the TAPfluencer launch event: Elsie’s Kitchen, L’Oreal, LOL Party Animals, Dreams and Doodles, Scotch-Brite, Curél, MegRhythm, Dashen, Comfort, Breeze, Vitagen, Hugi, and Vagisil.

Tickled Media, the company behind /, the largest parenting portal in South/Southeast Asia, and social network app, ParentTown, has its sights set on the rapid growth of both its current 11 million monthly user base and already massive regional stamp with offices/presence in Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam. To meet its aggressive targets, the tech company has brought two veterans and one hotshot into its leadership team.

From L-R: Zafar Anjum, Adrian Watkins, Toshak Jethwani


Adrian Watkins

Founder and Managing Director of data, tech, and marketing consultancy firm PerformanceAsia, and Board member of the Asia Content Marketing Association (ACMA), Adrian Watkins signs on as Head of Data and Strategy, to level up Tickled Media’s client engagements, internal campaign delivery processes, and data driven efforts.

With a proven corporate track record within world class organisations such as Virgin, News Corporation, and CBS (company acquisition, business development, product & market launches, monetising existing and new territories, consistently exceeding targets of $MM), Watkins’ primary task at hand is to improve operation processes in the company.

Watkins has almost 20 years of experience across media, commercial, content, sales, marketing, data, adtech / martech and digital transformation within brands, publishers and agencies.

Zafar Anjum

Founder of two startups, Kitaab International and Filmwallas, former Head of Content Services for Ying Communications and prior to that, Online Editor at Executive Networks Media (formerly Fairfax Business Media, Australia), Zafar Anjum joins Tickled Media as Regional Head of Branded Content. In this role, he oversees client campaigns on the publishing assets of Tickled Media.

Anjum’s career spans two decades as a journalist and writer. As a journalist, he has worked with respected media organisations such as Encyclopaedia Britannica and MediaCorp, among others. He’s a bestselling author, essayist, screenwriter, and tech contributor. He’s also a publisher, media consultant and trainer/mentor, and a father of two.

 Toshak Jethwani

Formerly the General Manager for Media (APAC) at Brightcom and Commercial Manager at InSkin Media prior to that, Toshak Jethwani is now Head of Sales, Singapore and Malaysia, at Tickled Media.

In his role, Jethwani is expected to double the firm’s year on year revenue by focusing on Tickled Media’s proprietary market research service, where the firm is able to conduct hyper-targeted end-to-end market research and insights projects in under 7 days. He will also implement internal efficiency measures such as restructuring the sales team and their roles alongside streamlining the sales process.