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We create content that gets mums clicking!

We understand the mum demographic well, and we’re looking to build long term relationships with brands that want to reach out to mums. Because we know who Asian mums are, what they think, what they want and how they behave online, we have the secrets to exactly which mums to message, when to message them and how to grab their attention.

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Banner Ads

Banner Ads are a cost effective and efficient way to engage with an online audience. Placing banner ads on theAsianparent guarantees an audience of mothers.

 Advertorials are about creating useful content on trusted sites so that brands can reach theAsianparent mums by showcasing their products in an engaging way.

Blogger Engagements
We work with an enthusiastic & influential community of over 100 parent bloggers. We match brands with bloggers that can attract the attention of the right audience.

Microsites are the perfect platform for brands to provide in-depth information to our mums. With microsites, brands can provide contextual information about products and services.

Ask the Expert
All brands have faced this problem – an amazing product that consumers don’t understand or trust. Our “Ask the Expert” platform educates the market by providing reliable information.

theAsianparent Groups
Monitor and spark conversations about your brand through theAsianparent Groups. An online community built just for mums, Groups is an ideal place for brands to engage in social listening.

Sponsored Videos

YouTube is one of most popular platforms amongst mothers. We create engaging videos – and with a growing subscriber base, it’s an ideal way for brands to reach out to mums.

Email & Newsletter Marketing

Reach out to mothers through newsletters that are delivered directly to their inbox. Mums rely on our newsletters for relevant and up-to-date parenting information.

Social Media Marketing

At Tickled Media, we know what captures a mum’s attention and the best way to position your brand to engage mothers through social media.

We engage with 7 million mums monthly!

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