Title ParentTown Community Manager
Categories Thailand
Who We Are
Here’s the skinny on Tickled Media
At Tickled Media: Our team of talented consultants, designers, editors and marketeers work together to create quality content for our clients. We don’t like gossip, glory hogs and people who tear down ideas instead of contributing productively. When smart people collaborate instead of compete, amazing things happen.
We don’t just value the creative input of our team, (yes interns too), we also value feedback from our 7 million mum-readers and hundreds of clients. We bend over backwards to ensure their satisfaction. So, to get straight to the point, Tickled Media is not for everybody. If you hate collaborating, sharing credit, and the idea of spending long hours in the office with your team, then we’re probably not the right fit. But if passion, a big brain and an even bigger heart are your best assets, we’d love to welcome you to join our team.
What You Need To Do

Main Duties and Responsibilities

  • You’d be the key coordination point for ParentTown for Thailand
  • Asking and answering questions on ParentTown
  • Oversee ParentTown content creation daily for your market and ensuring content meets required standards.
  • Ensure freelancers provide content and edit content on ParentTown in a timely manner.
  • Execute marketing strategies for ParentTown, including managing social media channels
  • Assist in planning and execution of ParentTown events
  • Host and interview experts and celebrities
  • Responding to comments on ParentTown and theAsianparent Facebook fanpage
What We are Looking For


– Attention to detail

– Strong communication skills

– Organisational skills

– A mind for policy

– Team player

– Possess initiative

– Ability to participate and talk with the community about things that aren’t to do with the management of it.

– Passion for parenting

– Passion for community.

– Patience and being able to laugh things off.

How To Apply

If you think you’re the one for this position, drop us an email at [email protected]

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