Earlier this week, Tickled Media participated in Linkedin’s “Bring In Your Parents Day”. Now in its third year running, BIYP was initiated to help parents better understand their children’s occupation, and in turn be more equipped to give or help with career advice.


Being a digital parenting company, we wanted to try and implement the same philosophies that drive our work into this event. We decided to ask the team to bring their parents into work over digital platforms that the company uses day to day.

The response was great, staff spent the afternoon introducing parents to the our space and team! Isaac Kwok, Marketing Assistant said “My dad works in Oman, so it was great to have the opportunity to introduce him to my work and my colleagues. Before our call, I had no idea that he knew so little about what I spend my days doing!”.

In addition to ferrying parents around on our phones and laptops, the team was encouraged to go a step further and trade phones to find out more about their colleagues from their life givers.


Dr. Alexandra Beauregard’s “Lighthouse Parent Study” suggests that more than half of parents have little to no knowledge of what their child does at work. 59% of Singaporean employees believe that their parents skills and knowledge could benefit them professionally. However this information is not transferred because parents feel that either their advice is not needed or that because the working world has changed so much their experiences are no longer relevant.


Rico Wyder, theAsianparent’s Country Manager for Singapore, says “In this part of the world especially, parenting continues even after a child as ‘grown up’ and joined the workforce. It was certainly an interesting experience for our team, and we’re looking forward to making this a yearly event.”.


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