SINGAPORE, May 29th, 2014 – Southeast Asia’s #1 parenting portal,, extends its reach with a successful launch in the Philippines on May 28th, 2014. The website already reaches 1.2 million Asian mums in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, India and Indonesia monthly. Through its foray into the Philippines, continues its trend of steady growth in providing comprehensive parenting content across Asia.

The Philippine launch commenced with the big reveal of the ‘2014 ASEAN Digital Mom Survey,’ highlighting the emerging trends of the ASEAN mom’s online behaviour, Internet consumption and social media habits. The report was based on in-depth market research data from over 10,000 moms in Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines.

Following the report was an engaging panel discussion and Q&A session with beloved celebrity mom Cheska Garcia-Kramer and three influential bloggers, Martine de Luna, Frances Amper Sales and Fleur Sombrero. The four women formed a formidable panel of Filipino “digital mums” who validated the report’s findings by sharing personal observations of their Internet use and behaviour.

“The power of social media is really great, but it also entails great responsibility. I only share products that I really use,” remarked Cheska on the topic of promoting brands through her social media accounts. Her family fan page, Team Kramer, has over 1.2 million likes, while her Instagram profile has over 500,000 followers.

The launch exceeded expectations with a remarkable turnout of over 80 brand marketers who were keen on learning how to effectively market to the Filipina mum and receive noteworthy insights from the panelists.

“Filipinos are avid social and mobile Internet consumers, with mums depending on the Internet for their parenting needs. They’re social and mobile first,” Roshni Mahtani, CEO of Tickled Media, cited one of the key insights of the report. “Therefore, we want to be the source of trusted digital parenting knowledge for the Filipino parents and also help brands, agencies and marketers reach them via interesting campaigns, useful content and informative ads.”

theAsianparent’s mobile-friendly Philippine edition has a wealth of updated and well researched information for parents who aim to provide the best care possible for their families with topics ranging from pregnancy to smart ways of handling rebellious teens.

Besides tackling tough parenting issues, the website is filled with fun posts, as parents can flip through galleries of irresistibly cute sleeping newborns or sift through a plethora of delectable Filipino inspired recipes to feed the family.

“Our dedicated editorial team based in the Philippines understands and caters to local needs and is sensitive to native nuances and interests,” said chief editor Carla Perlas. “Content found on is not just proudly written for mums by mums, but also by a spectrum of experts to dispense accurate advice for busy parents with no time to waste.”

About and Tickled Media

Tickled Media Pte Ltd is the largest digital parenting publishing house in Southeast Asia. Headquartered in Singapore since 2009, the company runs, and Their flagship brand, is Southeast Asia’s #1 digital parenting destination and reaches over 1 million mums in the region. The company is backed by venture capital from LionRock Capital, Tigris Capital and prominent angel investors. For more information, please visit

Press Contact:

Felicia Chin

PR Consultant

+65 6344 2865

Danni Siew

Marketing and PR Executive, APAC

+65 6344 2865



L-R: Philippines chief editor Lacar Perlas, celebrity mom Cheska Garcia-Kramer, blog coach Martine de Luna, Tickled Media CEO Roshni Mahtani,’s Fleur Sombrero and’s Frances Amper Sales at the launch in Makati City, Manila, Philippines.




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