Mums click with us

Tickled Media is a South East Asian focused parenting digital publisher. We publish theAsianparent.com, Kidlander.com and Pregnant.sg.  Nearly six million mums rely on our brands each month.

We know the needs of Asian mums

We support Asian mums on their journey through motherhood while respecting them as modern Asian women. This singular focus has made our brands the #1 destination for mums across South East Asia

We understand each stage of her journey

Tickled Media’s brand speaks to every stage of Mum’s journey – from the time she’s trying to conceive to when she’s planning a baby’s full month celebration through to when her children are off to primary school. And we do this all in her local language.

We’ve done the homework, so you don’t have to

Because we know who Asian mums are, what they think, what they want and how they behave online, we have the secrets to exactly which mums to message, when to message them and how to grab their attention.

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